We have a problem.


At A Brave New we call ourselves problem-centric. But what does that mean? Why would we focus on problems?  That’s so negative.  Shouldn’t we focus on solutions? That’s precisely our … Read More

The Power of Hand-Crafted Analytics


I know this blog is going to sound completely self-serving, but humor me for a moment and read on. In my own blog I’ve talked a lot about the broken … Read More

Measuring Success. Better.


Marketing and advertising. These two words often cause winces and groans. Both from consumers and businesses. Consumers groan because they’re tired of being sold things they don’t want. They want … Read More

Who Says Working With Others Can’t Be Fun?


Why is it important that we work well with others? This isn’t grade school after all. Simply put, it’s important to us because we think it’s vital to our success and the success … Read More

Transparency Matters


If you work with A Brave New you can expect transparency in that work. That means we aren’t afraid to let you see how the sausage is made. If Josh … Read More

Technology And The Brand Experience

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I’ve been working with technology since my family got our first computer: a Smith-Corona Acer PC. Like most teenagers, I enjoyed computer games. My favorites were LHX Attack Chopper, KGB … Read More

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